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· Passenger car sdk

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ScaleRail track system

Passenger Car SDK
Popular 3D modeling forums:
· 3DTrains.com
· Train-Sim.com
· UKTrainsim.com
Download passenger car sdk.
Overview Creating Details Credits
While combing the forums over at UKTrainSim, we spied a post mentioning the use of FreightAnim on carriages. Paul Gausden (aka: decapod) had used this in the WAG files to add numbers to his individual coaches, and we thought this to be a pretty clever idea. One thing led to another, and we were off experimenting.
Beta testers
·  Michael Berger
·  Bob Boudoin
·  Bjorn Centergran
·  Rich Garber
·  Bill Hemb
·  Bruce Kennewell
·  Scott Miller
·  Jason Webb

...and of course, all the cool folks in the 3DTrains forum.
Note: The concepts and terminology used in these documents are advanced in nature, and although written with Gmax in mind, the basic principles should apply to users of 3DS Max and 3D Canvas.

TSM users however, will have an almost impossible task duplicating these procedures, as TSM lacks the basic functions to sort alphas - a vital element required for this SDK to function.

This guide is not designed to teach you how to model, but instead how to model and assemble a set of passenger cars using the sdk as a base.

For basic questions and help regarding 3D modeling, you can visit one of the 3D modeling forums from the links provided. There are plenty of folks willing help - provided you ask nice and polite manner.

Updates to this guide will be posted on a regular basis as time allows.
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