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ScaleRail track system

· Route conversions

Based on U.S. prototype standards, ScaleRail is a new and exciting addition to MS Train Simulator, one which is sure to visually enhance any route, as well as increase the enjoyment and experience for all train sim enthusiasts.
Download ScaleRail public beta. *
Features Screens
ScaleRail comes in two basic varieties with wood and concrete ties, as well as a large selection of bridges, turnouts, curves etc. Interchangeable textures are included for a wide variety of track configurations - all which will peacefully coexist in the same route.

Also available are options for low, medium and high detail models, shaped concrete ties, as well as your choice for standard or low-resolution textures.
ScaleRail also includes ScaleRoad - a system of city, urban, highway, and other road sections. Like ScaleRail, ScaleRoad supports dynamic shadows cast from other objects adding to the enrichment of your virtual environment. Other items, such as vehicles, road and trackside details and other scenery items, are in development and will be announced in the near future.
ScaleRail is a free, public download, and a licensing fee is not required for those who wish to distribute their routes as freeware. For commercial licensing inquiries, however, please drop us a note at:
ScaleRail is not visually compatible with other track systems, including the default track that ships with MS Train Simulator.
* Requires 3DTrains Forum registration - subject to verification and approval.
Note: ScaleRail is intended for those experienced with the inner-workings of the route editor. It is not a drop-in replacement for the default track that ships with MSTS.
Converted routes:
· Clinch Valley
· Raton Pass
Whitefish 4 Hawk
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