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ScaleRail for Pacific Surfliner
Making a good thing even better, this ScaleRail expansion to RSC's Pacific Surfliner add-on realistically enhances the look and feel of the route and provides a more enjoyable experience.
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Features Screens
Using both concrete and wood ties, as well as proper ballast colors, this upgrade accurately portrays the entire Pacific Surfliner route as it was meant to be. Using the latest Google Earth imagery, meticulous attention was given to exact placement of the ties and where the different ballast types meet. This isn't your Grandma's Surfliner!

We've also included a few small tweaks to some of the terrain, most notably around the Torrey Pines area. Using the available RSC assets, we added a missing bridges along Peñasquitos Canyon, adding an additional level of realism to your Pacific Surfliner experience.

We're proud of this new upgrade, and we hope you enjoy this ScaleRail expansion to RSC's Pacific Surfliner route. If you have any comments, please feel free to drop us a note.
· Reworked track models and high resolution textures
· Accurately placed concrete and wood ties according to the prototype
· Added new models not available in the original route
· Fixed missing bridges and terrain features
* Requires 3DTrains Forum registration - subject to verification and approval. Freeware version does not contain textures for Autumn.
System requirements
· TS-2014 (Railworks)
· 256Mb 3D video hardware acceleration or better
· 150Mb of available hard drive space
ScaleRail for Pacific Surfliner $9.00
Please allow up to 24 hours to process your order.

Keycodes and download instructions emailed when order is processed.

Placing order will open a new window on a secured server.
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