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Open Rails

ALCo locomotives
From the graceful lines of the PA, to the brute pulling force of the RS-18, these fine locomotives will take you back on a visit through memory lane.
ALCo locomotives.
E-Unit locomotives
For the ultimate in power, passenger comfort and sleek design, few locomotives were better suited to the task than a set of E-Units.
E-Unit locomotives.
F-Unit locomotives
Hauling freight drags or your favorite passenger cars, these powerful and colorful F-Units were unmatched for their versatility and economy.
F-Unit locomotives.
GP7 and GP9 locomotives
Move freight, switch out yard traffic, or funnel passengers short distances with some of the first successful utility locomotives EMD introduced.
GP7 and GP9 locomotives.
Miscellaneous trainsets
From Fairmont speeders and Whitcomb locomotives, here you'll find everything that doesn't quite fit into our other categories.
Miscellaneous trainsets.
Passenger trainsets
Relive your fondest memories traveling cross-country in these sleek and elegant first class, long distance passenger trainsets.
Passenger trainsets.
Western Pacific Feather River
Exciting new routes are coming to 3DTrains, including the WP Feather River.
Route addons.
Scenery expansions
Making a good thing even better, we've visually tweaked everything on these routes from terrain textures to adding our own ScaleRail track system.
Scenery expansions.
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