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Scenery Expansion for Cajon Pass
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Scenery Expansion for Cajon Pass
Making a good thing even better, we've taken 3D Train Stuff's Cajon Pass route and visually tweaked everything from terrain textures to adding our own v2.0 ScaleRail Track System - including prototypically correct ballast and tie textures for both BNSF and UP mainlines, spurs and yards.
Features Screens
We didn't stop there, however. We've also replaced all the vegetation with our own optimized and highly realistic tree objects and textures, not to mention adding nearly 100 new and highly detailed vehicles with our own night lighting effects. Terrain textures have also been enhanced to stunning realism.
Specific details
· v2.0 ScaleRail Track System including DynaTrax dynamic track conversion
· Individually textured ballast for BNSF and UP mainlines, spurs and sidings
· Dozens of highly realistic trees textures
· New vehicles with realistic night lighting effects
· Optimized and enhanced terrain textures
Additional features *
· Does not affect existing route activities
· No additional downloads or modifications required (except system requirements)
· Exclusive access beta tester communities and additional ScaleRail downloads *
* Requires 3DTrains Forum registration - subject to verification and approval.
System requirements
· Microsoft Train Simulator 1.0 or higher
· Cajon Pass Route by 3D Train Stuff
· 1.2Ghz CPU (or equivalent) with 512Mb system memory
· 64Mb 3D video hardware acceleration or better
· 80Mb of available hard drive space
Recommended system requirements
· Pentium P3 1.6Ghz CPU (or equivalent) with 512Mb system memory
· 128Mb 3D accelerated graphics card
Complete add-on $9.00
Please allow up to 24 hours to process your order.

Keycodes and download instructions emailed when order is processed.

Placing order will open a new window on a secured server.
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