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Established in April, 2001, 3DTrains was formed with a strong interest in railroads and an eye to the future in railroad software for the PC. Beginning with our F-Units, we were the first company to offer commercial addons for Microsoft Train Simulator, and with the help of Abacus Software in late 2001, 3DTrains was the first to offer a complete route and trainset package distributed to retail outlets worldwide.

With our current offerings and upcoming products, 3DTrains continues to lead the industry in innovation and quality addons for railroad simulations. We're confident that you'll discover our products of outstanding quality and value, and wish to thank you for visiting with us.

The 3DTrains Team
Marc Nelson
Born in Riverside, CA, Marc lives with his wife and son on the same property once owned by his Grandfather and Great Grandfather.A software engineer by trade, Marc began 3D-modeling over 10 years ago while creating addons for racing simulations. Marc maintained several racing-related websites including Sim Racing News, The Sim Project (TSP), and SimRacing Online.
Dan Zollner
Dan hails from Pittsboro, IN, just outside of Indianapolis. His railroad interests encompass anything and everything having to do with railroading, but he's extremely drawn to Amtrak and CSX since both practically pass through his backyard. While Dan can do just about anything when it comes to designing addons for MS Train Simulator, his talents really show through in his audio design.
Bjorn "Nalle" Centergran
Nalle (which means "Bear") hails from Goteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden, where he lives with his wife and two children. He worked 20 years for the Swedish State Railways before stumbling onto his present job as a technical illustrator. Although he lives in Sweden, Nalle has a fascination for North American railroads - specifically the Western Pacific. Interests also include motorcycles and music.
Alex Stroshane
Originally from Boston, Alex is studying mechanical engineering and product design at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York. He's been fascinated by Amtrak since childhood and maintains the Amtrak Prototype & Model website. During the next few months, Alex will be attending the Technical University of Denmark on exchange, and plans to explore the railways of Europe in his free time.
Emil A. "Buzz" Benz
Buzz hails from the suburbs of St. Louis, MO, where he lives with his wife and three children, and works in St. Louis county as a technician on the internet backbone for a major US telecom company. A railfan since early childhood, Buzz has a specific interest in Amtrak, though he also has a soft spot for steam power. Buzz is also an HO modeler and an avid fan of MS Flight Simulator.
Rick Grout
Rick lives on the Oregon coast, though he can frequently be found in Asia designing semiconductor and flat-panel manufacturing facilities. His travels have exposed him to the remarkable variety of railroads that exist in the world. Modern or historic, steam or diesel, Class 1 or short line, Rick's passion is recreating the experience and atmosphere of railroading as a modeler, route builder and programmer.
Lonnie Perkins
Lonnie lives in Reno, NV, about a mile from where the Central Pacific tracks headed East, and a 1/2 block from the where the Virginia & Truckee Railroad tracks ran on their way South to Carson City. Although fairly new to the railfan scene, Lonnie's discovered that researching the history of railroading calls to him more than the typical modern "stuff." Other interests include photography and aviation.
John Peterson
Currently living in Decatur, AL, with his wife and step son, John works as an electronic technician and is attending college to earn a degree as a software engineer. Growing up in the heart of SCL country, John is a long time railfan with strong interests in the L&N and Southern railroads. Other interests include maintaining an active railfan site called Alabama Railfan, as well as 3D modeling for MSTS.
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